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Palladian Health ®

At Palladian Health, we're focused on musculoskeletal healthcare. The way it's accessed. The way it's delivered. We are dedicated to improving the coordination of patient care, enhancing the clinical effectiveness and efficiency of caregivers, and ultimately, improving the quality of people's lives.
Palladian Coordinated Spine Care ®

Our Coordinated Spine Care (CSC) program was developed to successfully modernize the assessment and care of back pain patients. The evidence-based Clinical Practice Guidelines, developed in conjunction with the esteemed Palladian Clinical Policy & Advisory Board, were crafted after careful review of thousands of studies.
Physical Therapy

Our Physical Therapy program utilizes efficient, clinically collaborative models that restore patients to optimal musculoskeletal health, while simultaneously reducing unnecessary spending. Palladian's integrated service delivery approach and extensive network of therapists results in significant benefits for members and providers.

Palladian Chiropractic care focuses on the disorders of the musculoskeletal system specifically, back and neck pain and their effects on general health. When delivered at the appropriate stage, chiropractic care is a highly effective and non-invasive form of treatment that can greatly reduce or eliminate spinal and spinally related pain.
Wellness Programs (FIT)

Palladian Health offers custom-tailored wellness programs to meet the needs of any health plan utilizing our vast provider network, our FIT solutions will help maximize the overall health and well-being of members, while providing a self-branded, proactive and cost-saving wellness solution for your organization.
Employee Assistance Program

Palladian EAP provides the insight, tools and referral networks that organizations require to guide employees through personal problems and work performance issues. EAP resources allow you to manage difficult employee situations properly and efficiently, providing beneficial outcomes for everyone involved.

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