Better Guidance. Better Outcomes.

Musculoskeletal pain continues to consume one of the largest segments of health care spending in the United States today*. Billions of dollars are spent in the care of acute and chronic musculoskeletal conditions. In fact, the cost of treating these conditions exceeds that of healthcare spending on cancer treatment.
(*According to the study: "Money Spent on Back, Neck Complaints up Sharply", USA Today).

At Palladian Health, we incorporate clinically collaborative models to restore the patient to optimal muscular health while simultaneously reducing unnecessary spending. Our musculoskeletal delivery network includes physical therapists selected based on their ability to maximize functional outcomes through effective, efficient treatment plans. We focus on reducing disability and impairment and restoring physical health. This philosophy, combined with our network of therapists and integrated service delivery approach, results in significant benefits to your members as well as your bottom line.